Indie CG is a platform where you can get in contact with other indie developers and team up to make collaborative games.

F.A.Q. (Frequent Asked Question) at Indie CG (Indie Collaborative Games)

  • Who are we? (About Us)

We are a team of indie developers that has been working together making games for over 6 years.  Over time we found the need for a place like this – a hub to contact real indie devs who are interested in making games together.
We are passionate about games and we believe that by working together we can do a lot more than working alone.
So, we decided to start Indie CG, and made a site FOR Indies, BY Indies.

  • Who is this site aimed at?

  • Students or anyone that wants to get some experience and learn more by making small games in collaboration with others.
  • Individuals with an idea that requires a whole team – making possible the game of their dreams.
  • Teams of a few people with an existing project, (working on it or in mind), requiring a certain profile to complete the team
  • Individuals with useful skills looking for a project to join.
  • Professionals within the sector, willing to collaborate on ancillary activities like marketing, video promotion, press, testing, legal aspects etc
  • Professionals with skills who want to collaborate in cool projects: programmers, artists, musicians, designers, etc
  • Anyone with any interest in making games.
  • How does it work?

  1. You create a project with the game or Idea you want to make, and specify the profiles you need to make it happen
  2. You could also join an existing project. Check who is looking for a profile that matches your skills.
  • How to create a profile?

  1. Make it as clear as possible. (make sure whatever you write is clear and with good grammar. For example :enLisH is not the same as English)
  2. Fill in as many details as you can. (the more details you provide about yourself, the  easier it will be for other indies to contact you)
  3. Add a Avatar Image. (it could be the picture of your cat, or your favourite hero – your own picture will definitely make you look more trustworthy. In any case, adding an avatar will help others to identify you)
  • How to create a project?

  1. Make it as clear as possible. (Make sure whatever you write is clear and with good grammar. For example :enLisH is not the same as English)
  2. Provide as much detail as possible. (if you provide more details of your project, it will be easier for other people to understand what it is about and what you are looking for)
  3. Add a Picture. (Just identify your idea with a picture, it’s always good idea)
  • I want to say something to the community

  1. If you have an important UPDATE, you can use the UPDATE section on your profile page.
  2. For a PROJECT UPDATE use the UPDATE section on the project settings.
  3. For any discussion you can use the FORUMS