• See how many zombies you can slash in this little casual game

  • CarDash es un lavado de cara a los antiguos juegos de carreras del tetris, se conservan las mismas mecánicas de antaño y además de añadir nuevos retos.

  • Galactica es un juego de naves espaciales con gráficos 2.5D en vista side-scroller.
    Realizado en Cocos2d-x

  • Mini Mages is a single-player tactical deck building game with a lot of Rougelike elements. It takes the unique combat system from the Mega Man Battle Network series, and combines it with the deck building mechanic from the Dominion board game.

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    The universe awaits your journey! Use your skills to reach the top score.


    This will be our next content update.
    You may change your character skin in addition to get cool jetpack effects.


    Space Jump! is an endless game, reach the top score and challenge your friends.


    The galaxy is filled of secrets!
    Collect space crystals in order to get rewards.

    Get all stylized skins that suits your gameplay style.
    Wait for our next future updates with new great costumes.

  • Tap screen to move triangle. Avoid platforms. Search for secrets. Share highscore with friends and beat global highscore!

  • Speed Seed es un runner de scroll infinito que te permite ponerte en la piel de Clarice Powell, una intrépida investigadora privada y activista medioambiental. Su objetivo parece sencillo: salvar el mundo.


    Speed Seed is an infinite scroll runner which allows you to imperson Clarice Powell, an intrepid private investigator and environmental activist. His goal seems easy: to save the world.

  • Play this Strategy Defence Shooter Game and set up your heroes for the battle.

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  • Escape of Cthulhu is a 2D Runner with infinite scroll, inspired by the mythology of HP Lovecraft with a look “handmade” in pencil, done in grayscale.

    The main objective is to collect as many arcane symbols while dodging demons that have appeared because of the awakening of Cthulhu, and survive as long as possible.
    Escape of Cthulhu se trata de un Runner en 2D con scroll infinito, inspirado en la mitología de H.P. Lovecraft con una estética “handmade” a lápiz, realizada en escala de grises.

    El objetivo principal es el de recoger el mayor número de símbolos arcanos mientras esquivas a los demonios que han aparecido, a causa del despertar de Cthulhu, y sobrevivir el máximo tiempo posible.

  • New concept game, mix of puzzle and shooting game. Defeat the Color Heroes.

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