• Paths of Warfare is a 6 player (3v3) RTS game with MOBA influences. Every player starts with a tier 1 base spawning player controllable humanoid units in a certain interval. (no player controlled unit production) At the beginning of the game, every player can chose 1 hero for the rest of the game. The game is won, if every base/main building of the enemy team is destroyed. The map is in a symmetric hexagon grid, that means, every player has the same distance to all relevant areas/objectives on the map.

  • See how many zombies you can slash in this little casual game

  • The main idea of the game is evolved around resource collecting, base building and training units, the game setup is very similar to Rise of nations or Age of Empires, but for now we are working on the modern era , later we will extend the timeline to include more eras.

  • Dominus is a 2D Fighting Game!

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  • CarDash es un lavado de cara a los antiguos juegos de carreras del tetris, se conservan las mismas mecánicas de antaño y además de añadir nuevos retos.

  • Galactica es un juego de naves espaciales con gráficos 2.5D en vista side-scroller.
    Realizado en Cocos2d-x

  • You’re a little piranha trying to catch your food, a blowfish.
    It’s not as easy as it seems!

  • Coregrounds is a multiplayer tower defense game; being competitive at its core, it is captivating and rewarding not only to play, but also to watch. From epic fails to perfect plays, from minion rushes to slow pushes and from all-in tower attacks to sneaky backdoors Coregrounds delivers an exciting esport experience and yet radiates an indie charm.

  • G-Hero by

    Welcome to G-Hero, an epic adventure platformer inspired on Sonic Xtreme and other games styles, use your power “G” to change to gravity and save the world from the evil MaskGuy.

  • Take on the role of fleet commander and lead your empire to victory. Conquer enemies in high octane battles to upgrade your ships and gain credits for use on the galactic market. Exploit your relations with friends and foes to establish a monopoly over your corner of the universe.

  • Well, I have almost programmed the game but I need some animated models, map, story etc. We all know how league of legends, dota and heroes of the storm is! Such kind of game I want to make but I need some team!

  • Bloodwood Reload is the updated version of an old project that was initially released in 2008. It’s a first-person mystery game with an original story about the secrets to be found within a small village located in central Europe, where time appears to be trapped in the 18th century.

  • ENDCIV is a post apocalyptic strategy game with city building elements. The major challenge for the player is to build-up a settlement and defend it against various threats. Some of the resources are directly connected to the environmental simulation such as animal population and weather, dependent on daytime, season, rain and wind.

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  • Mini Mages is a single-player tactical deck building game with a lot of Rougelike elements. It takes the unique combat system from the Mega Man Battle Network series, and combines it with the deck building mechanic from the Dominion board game.

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  • JACK KUDOS focuses on the authenticity of the player, circumstances and the world rather than on victimization or escapism of gaming. By playing the game, you learn to be empowered to adjust your thoughts and circumstances in your physical reality while having fun at the same time. Learn the whole story: http://igg.me/at/JACKKUDOS | Easy share page: http://bondswell.com/jackkudos.html | Play the 1st level of the game (draft version): http://www.bondswell.com/jackkudosgame/