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Good morning/afternoon everyone,

I am Houari (a.k.a Algerian General) and I am lead designer and team leader of “Project Arkbird” a project to create a solid, highly moddable Real-time Strategy game in Unity’s Engine.

The main idea of the game is evolved around resource collecting, base building and training units, the game setup is very similar to Rise of nations or Age of Empires, but for now we are working on the modern era , later we will extend the timeline to include more eras.

Currently we do have an early prototype; which contains the RTS camera, Unit selection, basic ground units and buildings, training units and buildings construction.

We are a team of 2 programmers and 1 3d artist, currently we are vacant positions:

          A senior programmer: currently we have a senior programmer but we need a second one to take care of other core functionalities, experience is required.

          3D Artists: Able to create 3D models of riflemen, tanks, aircrafts, and ships… texturing them and uploading them to our cloud.

          3D Animators: Able to animate warriors, infantrymen… we don’t need really advanced animations but rather simple ones

          2D Artist: able of making textures for our UI and our units, nothing special

To apply to any of these positions please contact us at

Email: [email protected]               

Skype: algerianmajor

Have a wonderful day everyone

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  1. Hi there, would it be possible see your “early prototype” in action?

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