• Project logo of A GROUP OF PEOPLE
    A GROUP OF PEOPLE (1 member) Rhythm   by CropFarmer


    We are: Game Developer   We need: AAAAA  
  • Project logo of The Experiment (Horror Game)
    The Experiment (Horror Game) (1 member) Horror game, Single player   by Jc

    A 15 year old boy is taken from his family by an unknown government agency where he is put through a series of tests to test the limits of the…

    We are: Game designer, level designer   We need: Level designer, 3D Modelers, Animator, Voice actors, Programmer, Writer  
  • Project logo of AfterMars
    AfterMars (1 member) Sci-fi, Survival, RPG   by GrimmX

    We are recruiting people for our team to create a game called AfterMars (game name may not be final). Game Description: AfterMars is a post-apocalyptic survival game set on Mars…

    We are: Game Designer   We need: 3D Modeler, Animator, Level Designer, 2D Artist  
  • Project logo of Shoot\'em Up Game
    Shoot’em Up Game (1 member) STG   by Clala

    Hi, everyone I’m a programmer and I’m looking for artists to revamp my STG project hosted on the GitHub: github.com/keviner2004/shoot-e… I haven’t decided the story or art style about the…

    We are: Programmer   We need: Artist  
  • Project logo of Nightmare Tower
    Nightmare Tower (1 member) Platform   by ItsKhanny

    This 2D Platform idea is fairly simple. You need to escape a tower by going up. Each floor adds a challenge to the player. At the moment I’m thinking of…

    We are: Programmer   We need: 2D Artist, SFX Manager, Music Composer  
  • Project logo of Satewide Evil Chapter 1
    Satewide Evil Chapter 1 (1 member) Action, Adventure   by AndyWildFire

    This game will be about a statewide pandemic of a special plague the keeps only the parts of your brain needed for survival but decays the rest of your body…

    We are: Video Game Story Writer   We need: music/sound, 2d artist, coder  
  • Project logo of Mobots Arena
    Mobots Arena (1 member) Shooting, Platform   by vamidi

    Mobots Arena is a game about robot who battles against each other. Hereby the player can collect new parts.

    We are: Programmer   We need: Programmer, UI Artist , Sound designer, 3D model artist  
  • Project logo of Ground Breaking Games
    Ground Breaking Games (1 member) Third Person Shooting   by PgSimon

    Hi Guys, we are Ground Breaking Games. We are currently looking for a 3D Character Modeler and an 3D Animator. For more details about our recruitment, please check our website…

    We are: Programmer, 3D Modeler, Concept Artist   We need: 3D Character Modeler, 3D Animator  
  • Project logo of Blank Haven
    Blank Haven (1 member) 2D platformer   by Rex

    A 2D platformer with a noir touch being made in Unity 5.

    We are: Designer, Programmer   We need: Full  
  • Project logo of Legacy
    Legacy (1 member) Dungeon crawler, Rpg, Fantasy   by WhiteBurn

    Hello, I am just a guy with an idea. Looking for talented people who are willing to collaborate on an old-school genre game. An open world dungeon crawler, rpg, with…

    We are: Writer, Artist   We need: Programmer , 2D artist  
  • Project logo of Psychic Space Monk
    Psychic Space Monk (1 member) Single Player RPG   by DennisMac

    About the Game: Single player RPG in science fiction setting. 1st and 3rd person Melee and ranged combat Advanced tech and magic Land, air and space vehicles Inspiration: GTA Star…

    We are: Software Developer/ Artist   We need: 3D modeler/animator  
  • Project logo of Truck Up
    Truck Up (1 member) platform   by feddy

    its basically a single tape based game, where in middle we have a truck trying to ride up the hill, Mechanics?game design mainly you need to maintain truck on hill…

    We are: Game Designer, Game Artist   We need: c++, c#  
  • Project logo of The Blight
    The Blight (1 member) 2D story heavy platformer   by Fireshade

    The first game I hope to release to the public.

    We are: Designer/programmer, unity 3d   We need: Artist, Artist, Programmer  
  • Project logo of Top-Down Mobile Game
    Top-Down Mobile Game (1 member) Top-Down   by DayGamer

    The title is to be determined but the game is a top down mobile game look at the game helldivers this game is not to be a clone of that…

    We are: C# Developer   We need: Artist  
  • Project logo of Postal Rush
    Postal Rush (1 member) Arcade   by Orenjiro

    Postal Rush is a small game based on the mechanics of Pacman, but with some twist in it. I personally liked Ms. Pacman’s thrill and would like to recreate it…

    We are: Game Designer   We need: Programmer, Artist