FAQ: How Does An Indie-author Mystery Writer Find His Target Audience?

How do you determine the target audience in writing?

Determining Your Audience

  1. One of the first questions you should ask yourself is, “Who are the readers?”
  2. Decide what your readers know or think they know about your subject.
  3. Next, ask yourself “What will my readers expect from my writing?”
  4. You also need to consider how you can interest your readers in your subject.

How do writers get their audience?

11 Ways to Build an Audience for Your Writing

  1. Don’t be afraid to “run your mouth.” Learn to become comfortable telling anyone who is willing to listen that you’re a writer, as well as what you’re working on.
  2. Be genuine, always.
  3. Create a blog and post to it regularly.

What are the different target audiences for books?


  • What is their age, gender, and income level?
  • What do they do for a living? Are they retired? Stay-at-home moms?
  • What level of education did they complete?
  • Are they married? Do they have children? If so, do they still live at home?
  • Where do they live? (Region, urban vs. rural, etc.)
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What makes an author an indie author?

An indie author is a writer of fiction, nonfiction, or poetry books who self-publishes their own work and retains and controls their own publishing rights. Unlike authors who self-publish a book for family, friends or community, an indie author (wants to) make a living from writing and publishing books.

What are the 4 types of audiences?

The 4 Types of Audience

  • Friendly. Your purpose: reinforcing their beliefs.
  • Apathetic. Your purpose is to first to convince them that it matters for them.
  • Uninformed. Your requirement is to educate before you can begin to propose a course of action.
  • Hostile. You purpose is to respect them and their viewpoint.

What is a target audience example?

A target audience is generally associated with a business’s marketing message, which highlights advantages and benefits of a business’s product or service. Examples of a target audience are ” company employees, society as a whole, media officials, or a variety of other groups ” (Tambien, E., n.d.).

How we can increase your reach between authors and writers?

Ideas using existing website traffic

  1. Click to Tweet.
  2. Include links to your best posts within blog posts.
  3. Add links to your best posts from older, high-traffic posts and pages.
  4. Have a popular-post widget on your site.
  5. Organize your posts by category and topic.
  6. Send blog post previews to your authors.

How do you create an audience for fiction?

How to Build an Audience for Your Novel

  1. How to Build an Audience for Your Novel.
  2. Determine what demographics you do know.
  3. Describe your book.
  4. Think of one person.
  5. Make a list of interests.
  6. Use Twitter to hone in on your fans.
  7. Use Twitter to follow other authors with similar books and learn from them.
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How do I get my book in front of people?

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  1. Start by Creating Your Brand.
  2. Create a Website.
  3. Create an Email List.
  4. Choose the Right Audience for Marketing.
  5. Reach Out to Book Reviewers.
  6. Choose the Right Book Cover.
  7. Offer Your Book for Free on Amazon.

Who is audience example?

An example of an audience is the crowd in the seats at a sporting event. An example of an audience are people who tune in to a specific morning radio show. An example of an audience are people who enjoy watching a specific genre of movies. All those persons who are tuned in to a particular radio or TV program.

Who is the audience for a book?

Your audience is the people who will read and benefit from your book. Your market is the people who will actually purchase the book. Take a minute to picture your book buyers.

Who is the target audience for self help books?

Millennials are the generation that is the most interested in self-improvement. The average consumer of self-help products is a woman between the age of 40 and 50. Around 97 million Americans consider weight loss their primary goal.

What does indie mean in books?

Independent, or indie, publishing is the term used to describe the process of bringing a book to publication without going through a traditional publisher. The “indie” reference is also used in other creative fields, such as indie filmmakers and indie musicians.

How many self published authors are successful?

The cat is out of the bag, finally we know exactly how many self-published authors make it big: 40. Yes, that’s not a typo. 40 self-published authors “make money”, all the others, and they number in the hundreds of thousands, don’t.

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What are independent authors?

An indie author is a writer who publishes their work without the help of an established press. Often called self-publishing authors, they are responsible for editing, producing, distributing, and marketing the books they write.

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