FAQ: How To Make Indie Game Textures?

How do I make my own game texture?

Create a texture set for games in 10 steps

  1. Theme and references. Generate a mood board to help create ideas.
  2. Plan the texture. Panels are split into sections, or ‘trims’
  3. Create a high-poly model.
  4. Generate texture maps.
  5. Texturing.
  6. Create texture variation.
  7. Back to 3ds Max.
  8. Set dressing.

Is indie games hard to make?

To answer to your question, this is very difficult. It’s not any difficulty in being a game developer. Create few projects, publish them on many sites and you’re done!

How can I improve my game texture?

To achieve higher quality, we can try various things:

  1. Use DXT3 or 5, with increased memory footprint.
  2. Increase the resolution of the textures, making each 4×4 block smaller.
  3. Limit the colors from the available palette in the original image.
  4. Choose an uncompressed format.

Can blender make textures?

In the “Materials” tab, under the “Surface” section, search for “Base Color” and click on the small dot to its right. From the many new options displayed, click on “Image Texture ”. Click “Open”. (Note that you could also create a texture from scratch in Blender by clicking “New”.)

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How do I make my own picture texture?

How To Photograph Your Own Textures

  1. Set your camera to Macro.
  2. Shoot in RAW or shoot big.
  3. Ditch the flash.
  4. Set your camera to Manual Focus.
  5. Be careful of shadows and reflections.
  6. Shoot many photos.
  7. Use post-production to your advantage.
  8. Need Inspiration?

How do you create texture in art?

Just like three-dimensional forms, texture can be real or implied. Real, tangible texture can be created through endless tactile possibilities: cutting, building, tearing or layering of materials, for example. Implied texture is created using other elements of art, including form, line, shape and color.

What is the most successful indie game?

Minecraft. Markus Alexej Persson, more famously known as Notch, is the creator of Minecraft, the most wildly successfully indie game of all time.

Are indie games profitable?

An average indie game makes $3,947 (this is actually median, average is not a good measure as it’s significantly distorted by top earners). Over 2/3 of the games don’t cross $10,000 in life time earnings. However, the top 1/3 of the indie games are doing pretty well.

How much does it cost to make an indie game?

If I had to answer that question right away, I would say that the production of an independent video game costs, roughly speaking, between $1,000 and $10,000,000, so between one month and six years of development.

Why does UV unwrap?

A UV map is the flat representation of the surface of a 3D model used to easily wrap textures. The process of creating a UV map is called UV unwrapping. This is where UV mapping comes in, as it is the process of translating your 3D mesh into 2D information so that a 2D texture can be wrapped around it.

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How do game companies make textures?

For 3D video games we use low poly models – In order to get the modeling details we use different texture Maps as- Diffuse map(Color Map), Normal Map(Bump map), Ambient Occlusion Map( Creates shading around models to give the realistic look), Specular Map( Creates reflection based on material used).

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