FAQ: What Popular Sandbox Indie Game Is Mine-imator Based On?

When was mine-Imator made?

Mine-imator is a 3D animation software created by David Norgren back in August 21st, 2012.

Who created mine-Imator?

Mine-imator is a animating program created by David. Unlike Blender or Maya, Mine-imator was made specifically for Minecraft animations, and was meant to be easier to animate.

Is Mine Imator a virus?

Mine-imator is fine. No malware, no stuff that will cause you problems.

How do I get rid of mine Imator watermark?

How to Remove Watermark In Mine Imator

  1. Visit this page.
  2. If you have money and you want to support the developer of Mine Imator click Donate and get key (If you wont donate,skip this step)
  3. Check I’d rather not donate then click Get Key.
  4. Then your key will appear on pop up and copy your code.
  5. Open Mine Imator.
  6. Click Upgrade.

What is Mineimator?

For example, Mine-imator is a free program that allows kids to create animated videos featuring the characters of Minecraft. Users can import their Minecraft builds to use as sets and even add their Minecraft skin, mobs, and more. Anyone can be the star of their own Minecraft video!

How do I upgrade mine Imator?

To upgrade Mine-imator, click the golden star found in the program. You may then copy & paste the key into the textbox and continue.

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Does mine Imator work on Mac?

Mine Imator 0.7 Succesfully Ported to mac!

Can you get mine Imator on Chromebook?

We installed Mine-imator on a Chromebook, and then exported it as a deb package, without changing anything about it. So, if you choose to use this installer, you will agree with Crossover installation terms, the dependencies which Mine-imator needs, and Mine-imator agreements.

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