FAQ: Why Did Indie Rockers Like The Fender Jazzmaster?

Why are jazzmasters so popular?

With some upgrades like a modern bridge, it’s just great. They’re robust and sound great in a lot of different genres ranging from blues, country, jazz, classic rock, fusion, and indie sounds. Throw some high gain pickups in one and you’ve even got a metal guitar (see Jim Root).

Are jazzmasters good for rock?

Both vary A LOT and the guitar has very little to do with it. Jazzmasters are great guitars and there are probably more people using them for rock music than there are jazz players using them for jazz.

What musicians play a Jazzmaster?

Tom Verlane of Television, Elvis Costello, J Mascis, Kevin Shields, Lee Ranaldo, Thurston Moore, Steve Drozd, Stephen Malkmus, Thom Yorke, and Nels Cline have all used Jazzmasters throughout their careers of making some of the most influential music of the past forty years.

What genre are jazzmasters good for?

The Fender Jazzmaster was, of course, marketed to be the go-to guitar for the jazz genre. The original had some faults in terms of playability and bridge design, so the initial success of the guitar was halted.

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Are jazzmasters good for blues?

sound-wise, though, the jazzmaster (and mustang) are great for blues. although, it may sound cliché, but, you know, it’s mostly in the fingers. as said, go ahead and try one (or a few) out.

Did Kurt Cobain use a Jazzmaster?

Supposedly this was Kurt Cobain’s Jazzmaster, but according to Ernie Bailey Kurt never owned a Jazzmaster. “The Hard Rock Cafe’s collection of guitars mistakenly claims Kurt’s “trademark” Fender Jazzmaster which is autographed. Kurt has told Earnie Bailey on several occasions that he never used a Jazzmaster.

Can a Jazzmaster sound like a Strat?

Jazzmasters are used in many genres. Many people classify (wrongly) that they were just a “surf guitar.” They are very versatile. The bridge pickup by itself sounds a lot like a Strat bridge pickup;the neck pickup by itself sounds halfway between a Tele and a Strat neck pickup.

What’s the difference between a Jazzmaster and a Jaguar?

In summary the main differences between the Jazzmaster and the Jaguar come down to the scale length and pickups used. The Fender Jazzmaster usually has a 25.5″ scale neck while the Jaguar has a 24″ scale neck. The Jaguar has three pickup switches at the bottom of the guitar.

Are jazzmasters good for beginners?

It rocks the Jazzmaster shape, formerly Jaguar, that gives a breath of fresh air to the market dominated by Strats and Les Pauls. I will stress this again, the Fender Squier by Affinity Series Jazzmaster is a great beginner guitar because of its playability, in fact, no other beginner guitar does it better than this.

Can you play metal on a Jazzmaster?

I use my CP jazzmaster to play metal occasionally ( and my jaguar,strat,tele etc) It sounds just fine but I do tend to use the middle position just because it’s humcancelling with a lot of gain. It sounds great with old school death/black metal sounds and its really easy to get a good doom metal sound out of it.

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Is a Jazzmaster versatile?

I would say that, in general, a Jazzmaster is a more versatile guitar, especially considering aftermarket pickup options available. However, a Jaguar with Marr switching (series/parallel + bass cut switches), makes for a REALLY versatile guitar and offers a wide variety of unique sounds, and also covers a lot of range.

What guitar did Kurt Cobain play?

Cobain played the retro acoustic-electric 1959 Martin D-18E during a legendary MTV Unplugged performance in 1993, just five months before he died. At $6.01m after fees, the guitar is the most expensive ever sold at auction, Julien’s Auctions said.

What is the Jazzmaster good for?

The pros of a Jazzmaster style guitar can be summed up fairly easily: A unique sound that’s not dissimilar to a Strat but fatter and with harmonic overtones from the string vibrations between the bridge and tailpiece, good playability and a significant amount of indie cred.

What makes a Jazzmaster Special?

MODERN JAZZMASTER STYLE With great Classic Player sound and style, these include hotter pickups, an Adjusto-Matic™ bridge, a neck pocket with increased back-angle for improved stability and sustain, and more.

Can I put a Strat neck on a Jazzmaster?

A Strat neck should work on a Jazzmaster. I’ve used allparts Strat necks before. The only real danger you face is the heel of the neck not fitting the pocket properly.

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