Often asked: Indie Game How To Write A Press Release?

How do you make a press release game?

How to get press releases from video game publishers – Quora. Visit each of their websites and look for a newsroom or press release page. You’ll want to find the PR or media contact info. (If it’s not on the newsroom page, try looking at the bottom of a recent press release.)

How do you write a fun press release?

Writing a Fun, Informative Press Release

  1. Must-read attention-grabbing headlines.
  2. Be upfront with your info…
  3. … but throw in some irresistible fluff.
  4. Include numbers, because numbers don’t lie.
  5. Provide website and contact information.

What is the format for writing a press release?

A press release should contain your business logo, a headline, a lead paragraph that summarizes the announcement, and a newsworthy angle. Your written press release should also include three to four body paragraphs, hyperlinks, social media links, quotes, and multimedia.

What is a game development press release?

A press release is a 1-to-2-page piece of writing that announces new and exciting projects you’ve been working on. They’re usually written in third person — in other words, they’re written as if a journalist is writing about your game when in reality it’s just your writing.

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How do I contact game journalists?

Video Game Journalists: 7 Essential Tips When Contacting Them

  1. Be respectful and check your spelling.
  2. Know your audience; video game editors not gamers here.
  3. Follow your target video game editors on Twitter.
  4. Customize your e-mail title to video game editors.
  5. Personalize your message to target video game journalists.

What are the 7 parts of a press release?

The key to success of any press release lies with the content’s ability to grab the reader’s attention, each and every time.

  • Headline:
  • Dateline:
  • Introduction:
  • Body:
  • Boilerplate:
  • Call To Action:
  • Media Contact Details:

How do I write a single press release?

With all of that being said, let’s dive into how you can write a killer press release. Let’s get started!

  1. Make It Newsworthy.
  2. Keep It Short & To The Point.
  3. Write In The Third Person.
  4. Readability.
  5. Make It Visual, But Not Flashy.
  6. Title, Not ‘Headline’

What makes a great press release?

A good press release should take a factual tone and be short and concise, giving the journalist the essence of the story. They will get in touch if they want more information. If you get the news content right and write to the publication’s style, you give yourself a good chance of getting your story across.

Why is 30 at the bottom of press releases?

It likely dates to the glory days of the telegraph around the American Civil War. The number 30 was used as the shorthand for “end” or “no more” in Western Union’s “92 Code,” produced in 1859. This set of guidelines was meant to reduce bandwidth over increasingly busy telegraph lines.

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Are press releases double spaced?

The length of a press release should be limited to ~ 500 words of single-spaced text of 10-12 point font. If sending hard copy, the text should be double-spaced. The more newsworthy the press release copy, the better the chances of it being selected by media for wider dissemination.

What is difference between press release and press note?

Press notes should be prepared in the most logical manner and with suitable words. They are means to build a good public opinion regarding the government. A press release is a handbill contains information about activities of organization.

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