Often asked: What Is Indie Empire Of Dirt?

What does empire of dirt mean?

The workshop. So called because of the dust and grime covered piles of miscellaneous parts, tools, off-cuts, broken down and half disassembled machines, dumpster and roadside finds, etc.

Who wrote my empire of dirt?

Where can I watch empire of dust?

Empire of Dust streaming: where to watch online? Currently you are able to watch “Empire of Dust” streaming on DocAlliance Films. It is also possible to buy “Empire of Dust” on DocAlliance Films as download or rent it on DocAlliance Films online.

What version of Hurt is in Rick and Morty?

“Hurt” is a song by the real-life band Nine Inch Nails. It plays at the end of “The Wedding Squanchers,” when Rick gets arrested by the Galactic Federation and is incarcerated in a maximum-security Federation prison and the Smiths returns to Earth.

When did Johnny Cash die?

Johnny Cash, byname of J.R. Cash, (born February 26, 1932, Kingsland, Arkansas, U.S.—died September 12, 2003, Nashville, Tennessee), American singer and songwriter whose work broadened the scope of country and western music.

Who wrote the song hurt?

Although it is a deeply personal song, “Hurt” has become distanced from its author, Trent Reznor, frontman with the industrial-rock band Nine Inch Nails. Breaking away from its alt-rock origins, “Hurt” has transcended genres, having been reinterpreted for cellists and Gregorian chant.

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What is the best cover of all time?

The 20 best cover versions of all time, ranked

  • Jeff Buckley – ‘Hallelujah’
  • Sinead O’Connor – ‘Nothing Compares 2 U’
  • Soft Cell – ‘Tainted Love’
  • Johnny Cash – ‘Hurt’
  • Marvin Gaye – ‘I Heard it Through the Grapevine’
  • Aretha Franklin – ‘Respect’
  • Whitney Houston – ‘I Will Always Love You’
  • Pet Shop Boys – ‘Always On My Mind’

Is Hurt by Johnny Cash a cover?

2. Johnny Cash – ‘Hurt’ Trent Reznor remembers the first time he saw the video for Johnny Cash’s cover of his 1994 song “Hurt.” “Tears started welling up,” he said. “I realized it wasn’t really my song anymore.

Why did Johnny Cash remake Hurt?

But Cash was convinced by Rubin’s belief in the song and agreed to try recording it at the producer’s home in LA. The musician was suffering from autonomic neuropathy brought on by diabetes and by the time he recorded Hurt, his health was failing. “There were times when his voice sounded broken,” said Rubin.

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