Quick Answer: How To Get A Fat Indie Snare?

How do you make a punchy snare sound?

Top 10 Ways to Transform Your Snare From Weak and Thin to Punchy and Tight

  1. Compress with the right compressor type.
  2. EQ out the boxiness.
  3. Add some thickness.
  4. Add some crackle.
  5. Focus on bringing out the snare in the overheads.
  6. Use a tight reverb.
  7. Medium attack.
  8. Slower release.

How do you make a good snare mix?

How Loud Should The Snare Be In The Mix?

  1. Put the mix in Mono and listen through one speaker using LEVELS.
  2. Bring the snare channel all the way down and play the chorus or drop of the mix.
  3. Bring the snare volume up until I think it’s the perfect volume in the mix.
  4. Take off mono and listen in stereo.

How tight should bottom snare head be?

Through experimentation and the advice of some other experienced drummers, I have come to the conclusion that the snare-side (bottom) head of a snare drum should be tensioned extremely tight. Don’t be bashful about this. Crank that puppy up very tight. For most styles, you want the snare-side head very tight.

Why does my snare sound so bad?

When one has a snare drum, remember that the drum is a dual head drum. If the top and bottom heads tuning is to the same pitch, there will be conflicting harmonics that will make the snare sound bad, have an excessive buzz, or even have a muddy sound as the harmonics cancel each other out.

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