Quick Answer: What Does More Indie Mean On Okcupid?

What do the colors mean on OkCupid?

There is a little circle on that button that will either be colored red, green, yellow or blue. Red = Responds very selectively. Yellow = Responds selectively. Green = Responds often.

What do the dots on OkCupid mean?

The dot indicates the likelihood the person would respond. I would imagine it’s an attempt to encourage people to try talking to others that are less than perfect, since they are more likely to respond. 2. Because if they haven’t been online in 3 months I don’t want to waste my time emailing them.

How does OkCupid algorithm work?

Basically, OkCupid’s algorithm is based on a whole lot of math that calculates how much you and a possible match would hit it off based on how the two of you answer a set of questions. If you had similar responses and want the same things, OkCupid matches you with them. The rest is up to you.

What does Pink percentage mean on OkCupid?

3y. The one’s highlighted in pink are ones you’ve passed on before even if it’s been a long time since you did it.

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What does a pink lightning bolt mean on OkCupid?

The lightning bolt icon on OkCupid relates to Boosting. If you see a match highlighted with a lightning bolt icon, that means they Liked you while you were running a Boost.

Is the green dot on OkCupid accurate?

How accurate is the green dot on OkCupid? No, it isn’t accurate at all. That’s why it was taken off the main site because it would show the green dot for an hour after the person had logged off, and if they were using mobile it shows when their phone polls for messages even if they are not actively using the site.

Can you see who viewed your profile on OkCupid?

OKCupid is quietly doing away with a major feature: the ability to see who has visited your profile. If you’re using the free version of OKCupid, you can only see if a person likes you when you, too, press “like” on them, aka when it’s a mutual match.

Can someone see if you’ve read their message on OkCupid?

Read Receipts is one of the most popular features of our paid memberships, and we want to give more of our members the chance to use them! You can choose which conversation you’d like to use each Read Receipt for, and you’ll be able to see when your last message has been read within that conversation.

Does OkCupid send fake likes?

Are OkCupid likes fake? They are probably bots. Hazel is paid by okcupid to give out fake likes. Other sites do it, and okcupid keeps inching closer to a hookup site, if it isn’t one already.

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Why can’t I see my matches on OkCupid?

If you’re not seeing as many people as you expect, try double checking your Looking For settings. You may want to consider expanding those if they’re very restrictive. You may also want to reset your passes (you can do so from your settings page under Privacy) to take another look at people you’ve passed on.

Is OkCupid a good dating site?

OKCupid is the most affordable of the top online dating sites. OKCupid is no different. In fact, their free subscription is one of the best among the top dating sites. For free, you can search and view complete profiles and communicate with other members, which is hard to find among free online dating subscriptions.

Which is better OkCupid or Tinder?

OkCupid is better than Tinder If you’re looking for a long-term relationship. OkCupid’s matchmaking questions take a lot of information from you and then facilitate you with very quality matches. However, Tinder is better for people who are looking for hookups or casual dating.

Is OkCupid dead?

Is OkCupid dead? – Quora. Definitely not. I have been tracking the traffic of the top dating websites, see Alexa Dating Site Ranks. It is still the most popular dating website!

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