Quick Answer: What To Do As An Indie Musician After A Release?

What do you do after album release?

What To Do After You Release An Album

  1. Lyric graphics. If your lyrics can hold their own (I bet they can) this is a great way to add highly unique, shareable content to your social media.
  2. Behind the scenes.
  3. Trivia.
  4. Re-sharing press.

How do independent artists release music?

How to release music as an independent artist in 2021:

  1. Create a website.
  2. Generate a social media presence.
  3. Make a YouTube channel.
  4. Sign up to a distribution agency.
  5. Get playlisted.
  6. Contact small record labels.
  7. Get your music onto blogs.
  8. DM other musicians.

When should an independent artist release music?

Albums– Once you’ve established yourself as an artist with a loyal and growing fan base, you will be ready to release a full album. Albums take more time, strategy and should tell a story, however, often they have a longer life cycle than a single or EP.

What’s the best day to release music?

Originally Answered: What day of the week is best to release music? Typically Friday. That’s the most traditional day. For spotify they have new music release playlist on Fridays, that could up your chances being included in those list depending on your marketing efforts and spotify’s algorithm.

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Is it better to release singles or EP?

Third – Release A Longer EP For A Mixture Of Exposure And Either Money Or Contact Details. Once you’ve got a short EP up and released your first single, it’s usually best to release another single. After a few singles are released and you have a few songs under your belt, you’ll want to go on to release bigger works.

Why do artists release singles after the album?

Most of the time, its the labels doing to push out more singles after the albums release, in hopes of the album keeping a stance on the charts, having multiple hits on the album, securing the album’s status as a “blockbuster hit”, and also to keep the albums sales high (and maybe even rise more) while the artist is on

How do I release my first album?

Here are ten tips to successfully launching a new album

  1. Create awareness for the album while it’s still in the works.
  2. Release a single 1-3 months in advance of the release.
  3. Shoot a music video.
  4. Make your single ubiquitous.
  5. Alert the press!
  6. Line up distribution for your album.
  7. Revamp your website.

Should I release my album for free?

No, you should not release your album for free. It’s possible to occasionally give out a song or two to gain new fans, but giving away a full album will only cheapen the music you make. People will start to see it as being disposable, and not music they have to wait for or will cherish.

How do you release a song without a label?

Thankfully, unsigned artists don’t need the backing of a label to release music on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music and other major stores. Anyone can release their tracks through an Independent music distributor – sometimes known as a music aggregator – and start collecting royalties from sales and streams.

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How do you release your first song?

How To Release a Song

  1. Create your song or album artwork.
  2. Sign up for a music distributor. Schedule your song to be released. Choose which distribution model to use.
  3. Music Promotion Strategies. Playlist Pitching Services. PlaylistPitching.com. Playlist Push.
  4. Facebook Ads.

How can I promote my music with no money?

20 Ways To Market Your Act Or Your Music For Little Or No Money

  1. Send your music to music bloggers.
  2. Get your CD reviewed, especially by influential reviewers.
  3. If appropriate, offer to license one or more of your songs to a nonprofit for free for use in a promotional video or TV commercial.

How often should you put out music?

The rule of thumb is every 6-8 weeks. Just make sure that you have marketing and materials to support every release. I think it would depend on the type of release. Many big names release one album a year or whenever they get one finished.

How do I distribute my music independently?

Here are our tips for promoting your tracks independently and getting your music heard – on a budget!

  1. Distribution.
  2. Press Kit.
  3. Build Your Network.
  4. Share Your Music In Niche Communities.
  5. Reach Out To Blogs and YouTube Channels.

Should I release a song every week?

Verdict: For The Artist Planning To Release Singles If you’re an artist planning to release singles for a while, I recommend alternating between releasing a new song and music video every 4 weeks. For example, in July you could release the audio with artwork for your single.

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