Quick Answer: Who Owns Indie Lee?

Who is the founder of indie Lee?

Born Lisa Swengros, Indie Lee is actually short for “Independent Lisa,” which is the blog name she wrote under while undergoing treatment for her brain tumor. Once she started her new skincare project, she felt more connected to her pen name than her birth name — so she legally changed it.

Where is indie Lee located?

Please return all products to: Indie Lee Returns, 2 International Drive, Suite 150, Port Chester NY, 10573.

Is Indie Lee a clean brand?

Indie Lee (IL) Indie Lee is a clean and effective skincare line for faces of all combinations, from repair and renew, to sensitive skin. Our products are grounded in nature, supported by science and inspired by life.

When was indie founded?

Suggested Usage: -After cleansing morning and evening, saturate a cotton pad with formula and apply all over face and throat, avoiding the eye area. -To refresh and protect skin after exercise or travel, spritz liberally over the face and neck and wipe excess with a cotton pad.

Is Indie Lee all natural?

Indie Lee products do not use any un-natural or toxic chemicals in our products, only natural (and naturally-derived) ingredients. When they source ingredients, Indie looks for pesticide-free, GMO-free, organic ingredients.

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Is Indie Lee ethical?

Is Indie Lee Cruelty-Free? Indie Lee is cruelty-free. They also claim, “you can trust that every ingredient in the formula has been ethically -sourced and is disclosed for your knowledge and empowerment.” Additionally, Indie Lee’s products are housed in glass bottles and jars.

Is Indie Lee paraben free?

Indie Lee is Leaping Bunny Certified, cruelty-free, and printed on FSC certified paper. Always formulated without 1,300+ banned ingredients, including: Parabens, Mineral Oil, Sulfate-based detergents, Synthetic Fragrance, Petroleum-based ingredients, Phthalates, Phenoxyethanol, Formaldehyde and GMO ingredients.

Does Indie Lee test on animals?

Indie Lee is cruelty-free They don’t test finished products or ingredients on animals, and neither do their suppliers or any third-parties.

Is Indie Lee cleanser oil free?

Indie Lee Superfruit Facial Cream Like the Daily Skin Nutrition, it is silicone-free but not oil-free, with a cream texture that dispenses through a pump. You can wear this both day and night, either alone or over your favourite serum. Key ingredients: Glycerin, alkanes, propanediol, vegetable oil, hyaluronic acid.

Who is Josh Rosebrook?

The California-based skincare virtuoso shares his tips for keeping skin and hair hydrated while indoors, and how to maintain a clean beauty regimen. Over the past couple years, clean beauty has transitioned from a buzzy phrase to a topic of global concern.

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