Readers ask: Good Indie Albums When Depressed?

What is the saddest album?

10 saddest albums of all time:

  1. Nick Drake – Pink Moon (1972)
  2. Sufjan Stevens – Carrie & Lowell (2015)
  3. Jeff Buckley – Grace (1994)
  4. Joni Mitchell – Blue (1971)
  5. Billie Holiday – Lady Sings The Blues (1956)
  6. Lou Reed – Berlin (1973)
  7. Nirvana – In Utero (1993)
  8. Joy Division – Closer (1980)

Is indie music depressing?

The more acute the emotional experience, the more validating it is. This is why much of the music that is the heartland of indie culture is melancholic, disconsolate and miserable. Physical satisfaction is seen as the dominion of other music genres; hence the uneasy relationship between indie and dance.

Who is the saddest music artist?

Sad Artists

  • Christina Antipa. 21,212 listeners.
  • Loons. 66,959 listeners.
  • Laura Veirs. 414,921 listeners.
  • Vashti Bunyan. 475,250 listeners.
  • The Synthetic Dream Foundation. 33,949 listeners.
  • Mirah. 515,747 listeners.
  • The Smiths. 2,644,777 listeners.
  • Sufjan Stevens. 2,298,530 listeners.

What is the saddest genre of music?

Top 10 Most Depressing Music Genres

  1. 1 Suicidal Depressive Black Metal.
  2. 2 Grunge Grunge (sometimes referred to as the Seattle sound) is a subgenre of alternative rock and a subculture that emerged during the mid-1980s.
  3. 3 Doom Metal.
  4. 4 Funeral Doom Metal.
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What is the darkest album ever?

Darkest albums ever: 50 of the best

  • 8 I Am A Bird Now (2005)
  • 7 Pink Moon (1972)
  • 6 Pornography (1982)
  • 5 Desertshore (1970)
  • 4 Meat Is Murder (1985)
  • 3 In Utero (1993)
  • 2 Let It Come Down (2001)
  • 1 The Holy Bible (1994) Lyrically, ‘The Holy Bible’ is another level entirely.

How old is Lana Del Rey?

36 years (June 21, 1985)

Why is indie so good?

Indie music does not only resemble music that is created without record label contracts, they resemble a much deeper message of creativity. Indie music has the ability to break away from any rules put for famous artists because they have the space to be as creative as they want, not as the people want them to be!

Why are indie songs sad?

It can help give voice to the intense emotions we’re feeling on the inside. It helps to give order to pain almost too large to comprehend. It offers us comfort, solidarity, and even hope. Sad music tells us everything’s going to be okay, no matter how it shakes out.

Who is the saddest rapper?

Sad Rap Artists

  • Thaiboy Digital. 85,036 listeners.
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  • Koi. 23,732 listeners.
  • Yung Lean. 342,395 listeners.
  • Xavier Wulf. 146,624 listeners.
  • Stein27. 1,682 listeners.
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  • Maurice A God. 62 listeners.

What is considered the best album of all time?

Here are the Top 10 Greatest Albums of All Time, according to Rolling Stone:

  1. Marvin Gaye, ‘What’s Going On’
  2. The Beach Boys, ‘Pet Sounds’
  3. Joni Mitchell, ‘Blue’
  4. Stevie Wonder, ‘Songs in the Key of Life’
  5. The Beatles, ‘Abbey Road’
  6. Nirvana, ‘Nevermind’
  7. Fleetwood Mac, ‘Rumours’
  8. Prince and the Revolution, ‘Purple Rain’
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Does rock cause depression?

A new study has shown what many suspected all along: Heavy Metal enthusiasts tend to be more anxious and depressed than others. Researchers found through a survey of college students that those who listened to heavy rock and metal had significantly higher levels of mental stress.

Is depressed music a genre?

Sadcore is a subgenre occasionally identified by music journalists to describe examples of alternative rock characterised by bleak lyrics, downbeat melodies and slower tempos, or alternatively, songs with deceivingly upbeat melodies that are simultaneously characterised by depressive lyrical undertones or imagery.

Does music cure depression?

Although music therapy is not a cure for depression, it can offer short-term benefits by improving mood and encouraging connection and self-expression.

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