Readers ask: How Does Indie Gogo Work Youtube?

How does Indiegogo work?

Our platform gives you freedom and flexibility to customize your campaign as you want: You get to decide on your fundraising target, create perks to reward backers, and set a campaign deadline (up to 60 days). You decide when to make your campaign live – no approvals necessary.

Is Indiegogo a con?

Indiegogo seems to be a platform for con artists and scammers. Does not appear if there are any due diligence done by Indiegogo to confirm the legitimacy of any campaigns. At minimum you would have expected them to confirm the campaigners identities, website, location etc. but none is done.

Can you lose your money on Indiegogo?

Indiegogo is the only crowdfunding platform where you have the option to keep all your funds even when your campaign does not reach its goal.

What percentage of fees does Indiegogo take?

Indiegogo charges a five percent (5%) platform fee on all funds raised for your campaign. Fees are calculated and deducted from the funds you actually raise (not the goal you set). Our payment processor also charges a processing fee that varies according to your location and currency.

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How long does Indiegogo take to pay you?

Indiegogo will send a disbursement to your bank account within 15 business days after your campaign ends, provided your bank account information is correct and accurate.

Which is better Indiegogo or GoFundMe?

Depending on how much money you’re looking to raise – and how confident you are in marketing your campaign – GoFundMe is a perfectly adequate option for fundraising your campaign. Indiegogo is a good option if your project doesn’t fall into the specific categories that other crowdfunding sites cater to.

Is Indiegogo genuine?

Indiegogo Overview Indiegogo is a crowdfunding platform for creative, tech, and community projects. The company was launched in 2008 at the Sundance Film Festival as a funding vehicle for independent films. Indiegogo broadened its scope shortly thereafter and is now one of the leading crowdfunding sites worldwide.

Who can use Indiegogo?

You must be 18 years old. You must be 18 years or older to sign up for an account and use Our Services.

How often do Indiegogo projects fail?

Indiegogo declined to share figures on how often campaigns fail to deliver products. But a 2015 analysis of Kickstarter data found that 9 percent of that platform’s crowdfunding projects failed to deliver rewards, and only 65 percent of backers said their rewards were delivered on time.

How do I collect money from Indiegogo?

When do I get my money? Funds raised via credit card are sent to your bank account (less Indiegogo fees) within 15 business days after your deadline. Following disbursements take place every four weeks and it can take 3-5 business days for funds to arrive in your bank account.

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What happens to the money if crowdfunding fails?

To answer that, you need to know what failure means. Kickstarter operates on a All or Nothing Model, which means if you meet your funding goal, you get all your money. If you don’t meet your funding goal, you get nothing. It’s only after the campaign goal is met that money is deducted from backers.

Do I have to pay taxes on Indiegogo?

Project transactions that were generated outside of Kickstarter or Indiegogo won’t be reported on the 1099-K that you receive from them, but you’ll still have to pay taxes on those funds. Some of the money included in the form may be tax-deductible.

Can I sue Indiegogo?

We always encourage our community to resolve disputes without turning to litigation, but if you’re still not satisfied with the alternative you’re offered, you can use our Terms of Use to bring a suit against the campaigner.

Does Indiegogo charge immediately?

Please note: Your credit card will be charged the contribution amount immediately if your transaction was successful, not at the end of the campaign.

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