Readers ask: How To Get Music On Indie Playlists?

How do I get my music on my playlist?

Here’s the gist of the lists!

  1. Get Your Music on Streaming Platforms.
  2. Get Verified.
  3. Build An Audience.
  4. Submit Your Unreleased Music to Spotify Playlists Directly.
  5. Make Your Own Playlists.
  6. Know the Right Playlists.
  7. Reach out For Press Coverage.
  8. Approach Playlist Curators.

How do I get my music on a popular playlist?

Make sure all of your friends, family and fans are following you on Spotify, share your tracks across social media and promote your Spotify account wherever and whenever possible to build up your followers. And remember, any new music you release will go directly to your followers via their Release Radar playlist.

How do I submit to a playlist?

Here’s how it works:

  1. Log in or sign up to Spotify for Artists using a desktop computer.
  2. Choose the unreleased track you’d like to submit from this section of your dashboard.
  3. If it’s an album or EP, choose one track to submit.
  4. Complete the playlist submission form, giving as much information as possible about the track.
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Can I upload my music to Spotify?

You can upload local music to Spotify by enabling local file support in Spotify’s settings, and choosing a folder to take music from. If you have a Spotify Premium account, you can play local files on a mobile device too, though the tracks need to be in a playlist.

Is playlist push worth it?

Is Playlist Push Worth it? Respectable Reach: If the information on their site is anything to go by, running a campaign with PlaylistPush gives you access to more than 23 million listeners. Plus, it saves artists from the hassle of getting curators to listen to their music.

Does Apple Music have curated playlists?

The Apple Music staff will provide curated playlists, including the Favorites Mix and New Music playlists, which it builds to your tastes, just like Spotify does with its Discover Weekly playlist. If you use an Apple Watch with LTE, you’ll use the Radio app to stream music to your wearable.

How do I promote myself in music?

How To Promote Music in 2021

  1. Build a Website and Email List. Though social media is an important place for artists—every musician could benefit from a dedicated website.
  2. Get on Playlists.
  3. Create Content on Social Media.
  4. Reach Out to Local Radio Stations, Blogs, and Podcasts.

What is the fastest way to add music to a Spotify playlist?

CTRL/CMD Key and selecting songs – a straightforward method of adding multiple songs to a playlist. You can also drag the song and drop it to an already existing playlist. By using this method, you can add multiple songs at the same time.

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Can I submit to Spotify playlist after release?

Can You Submit To Spotify Playlists After Release? This means you will need to distribute your music and then pitch to Spotify between the time of delivery and your release date. You must submit your single for playlist consideration at least 7 days before your release date.

Can you submit to Apple music playlists?

Even though Apple Music does not offer direct submissions, there are steps you can take as an artist to improve your chances of landing a spot on one of their playlists. Make sure that you claim your profile on Apple Music for Artists. if you haven’t, get started HERE.

Where can I submit my music?

Best Sites For Your Music Submissions

  • Audiotox.
  • Xttrawave.
  • Indie 88.
  • A&R Factory.
  • Xune Mag.
  • AllMusic.
  • Audio Drums.

How can I promote my music with no money?

20 Ways To Market Your Act Or Your Music For Little Or No Money

  1. Send your music to music bloggers.
  2. Get your CD reviewed, especially by influential reviewers.
  3. If appropriate, offer to license one or more of your songs to a nonprofit for free for use in a promotional video or TV commercial.

Can I upload my music to the cloud?

Google Drive is a place to store your music files online. They offer A Free Plan to upload 15 GB of your Music or other file formats. This service is perfect for saving your music online on a cloud. To listen to your songs directly from Google Drive, you have to enable the app “Music Player for Google Drive.”

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Where can I submit my music for free?

10 Sites to Submit Your Music to Spotify Playlists for Free

  • Indiemono. Indiemono is one of the largest independent playlist communities.
  • Soundplate. Soundplate has a selection of playlists curated by their team.
  • Simon Field.
  • MySphera.
  • Daily Playlists.

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