Readers ask: How To Pay Artists For Indie Games?

How much do indie game artists make?

An Indie Game Developer in your area makes on average $81,837 per year, or $1,894 (2%) more than the national average annual salary of $79,943. ranks number 1 out of 50 states nationwide for Indie Game Developer salaries.

How much should an indie game cost?

It’s immediately clear that majority of the indie games price themselves under $10 and often under $5. By pricing your game $4.99, you are immediately competing with most other indie games.

How do I hire an artist for a game?

Choosing The Right Artist

  1. First, trash the rule-breakers.
  2. Then, go through each portfolio.
  3. Next, make a list of the artists whose work you like.
  4. Choose between quality and price.
  5. Write a contract.
  6. Finally, go back to your job postings and either delete them or update them.

What is the most successful indie game?

Minecraft. Markus Alexej Persson, more famously known as Notch, is the creator of Minecraft, the most wildly successfully indie game of all time.

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Are game artists in demand?

Demand for Video Game Designers is expected to go up, with an expected 7,940 new jobs filled by 2018. This represents an annual increase of 11.59 percent over the next few years.

How do I secure my game funding?

Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and other crowdfunding sites that focus solely on games, like Gogetfunding, Fig, and GameLaunched, offer an exciting, (relatively) new way to raise money. However, people often underestimate the amount of effort it takes to raise cash via crowdfunding.

Can you invest in indie games?

Indie games are beyond almost any other high risk investment in terms of % of losing investments. Even very small studios and modest projects will cost well over $100k. Most will need around $400k-2 million to complete a game of significant quality, features and marketing to compete.

How does game funding work?

Video game development has typically been funded by large publishing companies or are alternatively paid for mostly by the developers themselves as independent titles. Other funding may come from government incentives or from private funding.

How do you make an indie game successful?

What makes an indie game successful?

  1. Graphics & design are a minimum requirement.
  2. Gameplay & story matters, but only up to a point.
  3. Top games are better rated.
  4. Some genres are more successful than others.
  5. Low prices don’t lead to success.
  6. Accessibility is important.
  7. If you’re doing one thing right, make it marketing.

How much should I make my game cost?

A game development process may take from one month to a few years. You will sum the costs of a development team with rights, devices and software costs, and get the right amount. So, a game can cost you from $500 for a simple version with limited features to $300 mln for an action-adventure video game.

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How many people does it take to make an indie game?

On an average it takes a team of 15–20 people to make an indie game.

How much do 2D game artists make?

How much does a 2D Game Artist in United States make? The highest salary for a 2D Game Artist in United States is $109,269 per year. The lowest salary for a 2D Game Artist in United States is $48,059 per year.

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