Readers ask: Where Can I Sell My Old Indie Band Tee Shirts?

Where can I sell my old band shirts?

How To Sell Band Merchandise Online: 5 Must Know Sites & Strategies

  • Your Own Store. Personally, this is my preferred method (especially when you only have digital products).
  • eBay.
  • Bandcamp.
  • Big Cartel.
  • Other Tips.

Can you sell band shirts?

It doesn’t matter what is printed on the shirt. You have sections dedicated to bands but are not licensed to sell their official merchandise. If you get rid of the band names and make the shirt designs as generic as possible, then you can minimize the risk.

What can I do with old band shirts?

Upcycling Old Concert T-Shirts

  1. Make a Dress.
  2. Make a Sunglass Case.
  3. Make a Throw Pillow.
  4. Make a Tote Bag.
  5. Make a Quilt.

How can you tell if a band shirt is vintage?

It is often found below the graphic on the front or back of the tee. If its a fresh Tee usually its a sure sign that it is part of a reproduction. Authentic vintage tees should look beat up and worn. Like any collectible item, rare vintage band tees fetch high prices usually due to demand and popularity.

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Is there a market for vintage clothing?

Selling vintage clothing is a booming business right now. In fact, it’s reported that resale grew 24 times faster than retail between 2017 and 2018. Additionally, the overall resale market is likely to reach $41 billion by 2022.

Can you sell vintage t shirts?

Selling Vintage T-Shirts. Selling vintage T-Shirts can be very profitable, and most people don’t know how much they can be worth. We provide tips for finding vintage T-shirts at garage sales and thrift stores, and how to tell originals from modern copies.

Is it okay to wear your own band shirt?

Sometimes it’s simply something that’s aesthetically pleasing and easy to wear. But no matter what, it’s completely disreputable to wear your own shirt no matter how personal you make it. You’re in the band—you’re not supposed to like the band too. Definitely not your own shirts.

Is it illegal to sell band shirts?

This is not illegal, and it generated a lot of cash for her, I believe. State that it is unofficial merchandise. Do not use designs that have already been used, and if you can make your own, then it’s fine. The logo, it’s skeptical, but can land you in trouble if you use it.

Is it legal to print band shirts?

No, it is not illegal to screen print a band logo on a plain T- Shirt. You might for instance be working for a print shop paid by the band to do so. Or you might be doing this in your own basement for your own use.

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What do you do with clothes that Cannot be donated?

6 Things You Can Do With Clothes That Aren’t In Good Condition To Donate

  • Repurpose As A Rag. Giphy.
  • Recycle Them. Giphy.
  • Donate To An Animal Shelter. Giphy.
  • Turn Into An Arts + Crafts Project. Giphy.
  • Compost! Giphy.
  • Give Your Clothes To H&M. Giphy.

What can I do with old no sew shirts?

39 Ways to Upcycle Your T-Shirts

  1. Chunky Braided Bracelets.
  2. Pretty T-Shirt Roses.
  3. No-Sew T-Shirt Scarf.
  4. No-Sew Headbands.
  5. Braided T-Shirt Belt.
  6. Ombre Four-Strand Head Wrap.
  7. DIY T-Shirt Infinity Scarf.
  8. Flouncy T-Shirt Flowers.

Why are vintage band tees so expensive?

After Bieber and Co.: The media spotlight made vintage band tees desirable for a broader audience. More interest meant more demand: More demand meant more scarcity. Scarcity made them more expensive to collect.

What makes a good vintage shirt?

The only certain way to date a vintage t-shirt is to have a date attached to the graphic. When we find multiple t-shirts with the same tag but different printed dates, we can reasonably estimate a range of production for all shirts with that tag.

What is a vintage tee shirt?

This term refers to a t-shirt that is also at least 15 years old – yet wasn’t licensed. Many of these were sold out of concert parking lots in the 1970s and 80s. They typically featured original artwork with a style that become synonymous with bootlegs.

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