Readers ask: Why Did Indie Kiss Ky?

Does Ky kiss indie?

She and Ky become closer friends together in the Rising. Indie kisses Ky at one point. Eventually, she brings Xander, Cassia, and Ky to the EndStone village.

Why does Cassia choose Ky?

She loved Ky, because she did, it wasn’t convenient for her to love him. I really liked Xander’s ending and that he got to be happy and in love with someone who knew what love is. And when Cassia thought or said “You’ll find love, Xander.” in one of those last chapters I got so mad at her and her character.

What happens to Ky and Cassia?

Cassia has let Xander know that she loves Ky, and Xander realizes he loves Lei. Xander and Lei leave for the mountains, and Ky and Cassia stay in Camas. The story ends with the citizens in Camas about to vote on their future. Some will vote for the Society, some for the Rising, and some for neither of these.

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Does Cassia and Ky in crossed?

Crossed is the second book in the Matched trilogy. It follows Ky and Cassia as they escape the Society into the Carving, a barren canyon. They have the help of four new characters along the way: Vick, Eli, Indie, and Hunter.

Why is Ky an aberration in matched?

Ky Markham is an Aberration that was adopted by the Markham family in the same borough as Cassia Reyes because their son had been killed by an escapee Anomaly (Later in Reached we find out that Ky’s cousin Matthew actually vanished to the Otherlands.).

Who does Cassia end up with?

Cassia goes back and forth between her feelings for Xander and her feelings for Ky throughout the novels. At the end of the third book, Reached, Cassia chooses to be with Ky as her final choice of a partner.

Do Ky and Cassia Kiss in matched?

Ky and Cassia kiss for the first time, but it’s only a cheek kiss, so that’s what, halfway to first base? Looks like Cassia’s abandoned that whole idea of keeping him safe.

Who is the antagonist in matched?

Protagonist and Antagonist Cassia Reyes is the primary protagonist; Ky Markham can be thought of as a secondary protagonist, though the story is not told from his point of view. The antagonist is the totalitarian Society under which they both live, along with the restrictions that it places on them.

Who put KY in the matching pool?

Cassia put Ky in the Matching pool. It was part of her memories that came back about the Red Garden Day. She sorted anomalies and abberations into the pool, but then was forced to take a red tablet to forget. Kalei wrote: “1.

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What is Cassias last name in matched?

Cassia Maria Reyes is the main protagonist in the Matched Series by Ally Condie.

What do blue tablets do in matched?

Makes people become exhausted and can cause death if they are not rescued, or if more than one Blue tablet are taken, is automatically lethal. All of the pills. A child is given their blue tablet when they turn ten.

What was Xander’s secret?

Indie reveals to Ky that she found a map to the rising, that she believes he is destined to be the pilot. She suggests they leave to find the rising, leaving Eli and Cassia behind. She figures out that Xander’s secret is that he is a member of the rising.

What does Cassia receive in the mail?

At home, Cassia has received a package, which Bram is eager to see the contents of. It turns out to be the preserved scrap of fabric from Cassia’s Matching Banquet dress.

What happens at the end of crossed?

Ky stays behind and digs graves for the dead, thinking about the compass his adopted mother gave him, which he has since given to Cassia. An implied, undescribed firing on their location occurs. When it finishes, Vick comes and helps Ky dig.

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